Spring 2009


Another year, another tour.  All of my previous shows were part of the New Journey tour.  This was a new show, Isle of Hope, although many favorites from the previous show were kept.  The show was a big “Thank You” to America for being their biggest fans and supporting them for the last four years.  Both Alex and Lynn were now full-time members of the group and had their own songs.

There was one major difference for me on this tour.  Even though I had my share of up-close seats in prior years, and would have plenty of them this year, too, this would be the year that I would get to meet the girls for the first time.  Let me tell you, there is nothing like it.  They are the most genuinely down-to-earth, friendly people you will ever meet.  And they have phenomenal memories; if you meet them once they will remember you the next time!

This would also be the year that I would meet many more forum members.  I’m a shy person by nature, but all of the people that I’ve met before and at Celtic Woman concerts have been wonderful people.  It amazes me still how people from different age groups and different walks of life can all come together and share the love for this great group and their music.

“Only” 9 shows in 10 days this spring, but more to come in the summer.



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