Summer 2009


This wasn’t a separate tour as far as Celtic Woman was concerned, but after touring the west, midwest, and south  for a couple of months they finally returned to the mid-Atlantic area.  For me it almost seemed like a new tour.  I planned to do the seven shows from Charlotte to Wolf Trap, the Philadelphia shows, and then the tour finale at Red Rocks in Colorado.  Another 11 shows to add to my total, with 3 more Meet & Greets.

The first group of shows would start out on a high, crash down to a painful low in Portsmouth, and then return to a joyous conclusion at Wolf Trap.  It was a very emotional seven days.  The Philadelphia shows were great and I finally got my best friend a good seat to a show: front row pit!  And what can I say about Red Rocks?  Well, I said it all in my reviews.  Enjoy.



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