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I’m a relatively new Celtic Woman fan, having only discovered them in early 2007, but I have become hooked!  I obviously have all of the group’s DVDs and I am gradually accumulating the girls’ solo CDs and DVDs.  My favorite is Máiréad “The Butterfly” Nesbitt.  No matter how many times I watch the New Journey DVD, I still can’t figure out how she does what she does.  It seems to me that it’s hard enough just playing the violin, much less doing it while running, twirling, and even leaping!  Simply amazing.  And, of course, there’s the intoxicating smile, the lovely green eyes, and so much more

I have turned into an itinerant concert attendee and have been to, at last count, almost 40 shows since June 2007.  I’d go to every show if job and finances permitted.  Every concert has been amazing and I never get tired of watching them.

On this portion of my site you will find stories and reviews of the shows I’ve attended.  Some are more detailed than others and most have been copied from my original posts on the Celtic Woman forum and the Máiréad Nesbitt forum.  Because of that, there may be some things that don’t make sense because they are out of context.  I will include a link, where applicable, to the original review so you can see related posts.

I have broken the reviews into groups by the particular tour (or portion thereof) that they were a part of.  The buttons on the left will take you to the tour sections.  Each section will have a brief preface and there will be buttons for each concert that I attended during that part of the tour.

As long as Celtic Woman continues to tour I will continue to attend concerts.  Therefore, this section will continue to be a work in progress and grow.  I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures as much as I enjoyed having them.





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