Vienna, Wednesday, August 25, 2004


     Wednesday morning I headed east from Cumberland towards Vienna, Virginia, for the Wolftrap concert.  Again I took the slow scenic route and did some railroad photography along the way.




     I first stopped at the east end of the Cumberland freight yard to see what might be going on and caught an eastbound just departing.  I went to my favorite area around Paw Paw, West Virginia, where the tracks cross the Potomac River several times and tunnel through several mountain ridges.  After photographing several trains, I had some lunch and continued east.
     On the map it appeared that Route 7 was a good choice since it was 4-lanes and headed straight for Vienna.  What the map didn’t show was the 500 traffic lights!  I did eventually make it, though.



Cumberland Yard

Carothers Tunnel

Carothers Tunnel



The concert


     I arrived at Wolftrap by early evening and wandered around outside until they opened the gates.  There was quite a crowd, but I suspect that a fair number of them were season ticket holders and were there as much for the ambiance (and to enjoy a picnic) as for the concert.  I heard several people asking who the Corrs were!
     Once they opened the gates, people flooded in and staked their claim on the grass outside the pavilion.  There was NO bag check upon entry and I could have taken my SLR if I wanted to.  It wouldn’t have done much good, though, as Wolftrap has a VERY strict “No Photography” policy inside the pavilion.  I got harassed taking pictures of the stage before the concert even started!
     The warmup act was some guy (I don’t even remember his name) singing in monotones.  If I had known I was only going to get one picture before being shut down, I certainly wouldn’t have wasted it on him!
     The Corrs, of course, were in fine form as always.  Andrea joked at one point about being attacked by “flying creatures!”  The crowd was not very responsive, worse than Pittsburgh, and even the people with pit seats stayed relatively quiet.  I don’t think the crowd was used to a concert where participation is encouraged.  And every time a flash went off, the Wolftrap “Gestapo” went into action and shut them down.
     Still, it was another very enjoyable evening.  It took forever (it seemed) to get out of the parking lot and I didn’t get home until after 1am.  That would have been OK (I’m a night owl, anyway) but I was getting up at 5am to catch a train for Boston!





The crowd outside

The crowd inside


Interior view




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