Here I will post video files from my Corrs collection.  I don’t know how often they will change, it depends on how much time and bandwidth I have available.  Notices of updates will generally be posted on the XBoard at the TheCorrsClub.

     Here are four videos, one short (but interesting) documentary and three concerts.  The first is Rewind from 2001.  This Teacher’s TV documentary features Jim and Caroline talking about the making of Would You Be Happier.  It covers how the song was written, recorded, and mixed and gives a unique behind-the-scenes glimpse of how the Corrs produce a song.

     The second is Sopot from August 1998. While it is not DVD quality, it is very watchable.  The set list is:  Forgiven Not Forgotten, Joy of Life, What Can I Do, The Right Time, Queen of Hollywood, Dreams, Haste to the Wedding Parts 1 and 2, Runaway, Only When I Sleep, Hopelessly Addicted, I Never Loved You Anyway, So Young, and Toss the Feathers.

     And the third is Party in the Park from 2004.  The set list is Breathless, Angel, What Can I Do, Dreams, and Summer Sunshine.

     The fourth is the set of Live in Dublin videos.  They are high quality and average about 100MB each.  I don’t have time to include thumbnails, but the links are below.  They are named as found and, even though the extension is m2p, they play just fine in both Windows media player and VLC media player.

     By request, I have made available all of my Good Morning America videos.  Some are duplicates, and some are better quality than others, but they are all I have.  They are listed under their original names, as found.

     All of the files are quite large and the use of a download manager that allows resuming interrupted downloads is highly recommended.  Enjoy!

     Comments and requests are welcome at the email address below.




Rewind, 2001

7:02, 86MB



Sopot, 1998

1:10:48, 514MB



Party in the Park, 2004

21:00, 214MB


Live in Dublin:

Gonna Be Just Fine
Joy of Life
Little Wing
Runy Tuesday
Summer Wine
When the Stars Go Blue
So Young



Good Morning America:

Haste_To_The Wedding_Good Morning_America
Live (GMA 0316) - 01 Interview
Live (GMA 0316) - 02 HTTW
Live (Good Morning America 20001204) - (01) War Is Over
Live (Good Morning America 20001204) - (02) Oh Holy Night
The Corrs - 04 - Breathless
The Corrs - 05 - Give Me A Reason





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