Or, to be more specific, weather forecasts.  Have you noticed that the more technology that is used to forecast the weather, the less accurate the forecast seems to be?  Sometimes I think that the Farmer’s Almanac has a better chance of being right!
     The current standard seems to be the 7-day forecast, although I think it should really be called the 7-day WAG (wild-a**-guess.)  I’ve seen too many times where the forecast isn’t right 7 hours in advance, much less 7 days!  The accuracy percentage seems to be about 75% for the first day, 30% for the second day, and 0% beyond that.  Of course, the meteorologists will never admit to that.
     Personally, I would much rather have a believable 3-day forecast than a useless 7-day one.  And, what’s even worse, there is now a local station with a 10-day forecast!  Their slogan is that it “always includes 2 weekends.”  Well, anyone who plans their second weekend based on that forecast deserves whatever the weather brings!






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